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Feb 21

Apple Report Card w/Jason Snell

February 21 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST

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Annual look back on Apple’s performance during the past year, as seen through the eyes of writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about Apple.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Market Position and Features

The discussion focused on the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s position in the market and its features. Jason praised the phone’s titanium metal exterior and new 5x camera, but noted dissatisfaction among some users about the lack of a smaller phone option. He attributed this to the minority status of those who prefer smaller phones. The conversation ended with Chita suggesting a question about the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which Jason answered in detail. He provided information about the phone’s camera specifications, including the 5x zoom lens and the innovative technology used in the optics. Jason also highlighted improvements in image quality and the phone’s use of computational photography.

Apple Products and Services Performance Concerns

Jason expressed concern about the poor performance of the iPad in a recent survey, attributing this to Apple’s lack of a new iPad release in 2023 and the limitations of its operating system. He also mentioned the frustration of Apple releasing a new low-end iPad while keeping the old one purely for cost reasons. In addition, Jason discussed the mixed reviews Apple’s wearables and services categories have received, including the Apple Watch Ultra, AirPods, and Apple TV. He also highlighted the growth but reliability issues of Apple’s services and the price increase in 2023 that contributed to the decrease in their services score.

Streaming Platforms, Apple TV, and Industry Trends

Jason discussed the strategies of major streaming platforms like Apple and Amazon, suggesting they are not playing the same game as other companies due to their larger ecosystems. He noted that Apple, in particular, is not directly focusing on making money from Apple TV, but rather using it as part of a larger bundle to appeal to their ecosystem. The team also discussed industry trends, with companies investing less in content and considering merging or bundling services. The conversation also touched on the possibility of a new 27-inch iMac and an update to the Studio Display to support HDR, as well as a patent dispute involving Apple and a company called Massimo. The team also discussed potential improvements for the Apple TV platform, such as a method for users to bookmark and easily access their favorite shows.

Apple’s Smart Home, User Feedback, and Developer Relations Policies

Jason discussed the mixed reception of Apple’s new smart home architecture and the ‘matter’ standard. He noted that while the standard was supposed to improve compatibility and functionality, many users reported no noticeable improvements, and Apple’s lack of support for the matter standard led to frustration among users. However, Jason also highlighted Apple’s positive hardware reliability scores and impressive shipment rates. He expressed concern over the software’s inconsistencies and Apple’s tendency to prioritize new features over fixing existing issues. Jason also discussed changes in Apple’s developer relations policies, highlighting improvements but also ongoing controversies related to labor practices and right to repair legislation. Lastly, Jason discussed Apple’s carbon neutral initiative, acknowledging both the progress made and the counter-arguments about greenwashing and labor practices.

Apple TV, HomePod, and Vision Pro Discussion

Jason presented on Apple TV, answering questions from the audience. He speculated that if a new version were released, it might be more expensive with older hardware becoming cheaper. He also discussed potential major hardware changes and rumors about a combination homepod iPad for kitchen use. Stephen asked about a trade-up option for Apple TV owners, which Jason suggested might be possible. Alan raised a question about Apple user satisfaction compared to competitors, which Jason responded to by emphasizing Apple’s strong focus on customer satisfaction. The discussion concluded with an update on the development of Vision Pro, an iPad-OS based system. Jason noted that while the platform has been well received by developers, it’s currently only available for sale in the US, causing some software development issues.


February 21
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST
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Jason Snell
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