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May 29

Apple Vision Pro Headset

May 29 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EDT

“With Vision Pro, you have an infinite canvas that transforms how you use the apps you love. Arrange apps anywhere and scale them to the perfect size, making the workspace of your dreams a reality — all while staying present in the world around you. Browse the web in Safari, create a to-do list in Notes, chat in Messages, and seamlessly move between them with a glance,” says Apple. Dan Wassink gives us an in-depth review on his findings and experience.

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Apple Vision Pro Presentation and Demo
Dan presented on the Apple Vision Pro, a spatial computing device that merges virtual and augmented reality. He emphasized its versatility, highlighting its use beyond just gaming, and demonstrated its various features, including its pass-through camera system, hand tracking, voice control, and detailed 3D graphics. Dan also noted the device’s superior quality and unique aspects compared to other VR systems and promised to offer a more detailed demo in the future. The audience was encouraged to participate through reactions and questions.

Apple Vision Pro Overview and Limitations
Dan presented an overview of the traditional VR headset and its limitations. He then introduced the Apple Vision Pro, a more advanced and costly option which offers improved features and functionality, including spatial sound technology, a lenticular screen for 3D effect, and magnetic components. Dan clarified that while the device requires external balancing or a separate pocket for the battery, future models may address this issue. He also shared his personal experience of upgrading the device’s storage capacity and assured Chita that he would discuss the device’s specifications in greater detail later.

Vision Pro VR Headset Specs Overview
Dan provided a detailed overview of the specs of the Vision Pro, a VR headset. He highlighted its impressive pixel density, with 3,386 pixels per inch, which is more than 10 times that of the original iPhone’s retina display. He also noted its high color gamut, with 92% of the colors in the sRGB spectrum being recreated. However, he pointed out that it still falls short of capturing all colors. Dan also discussed the headset’s numerous sensors, including six world-facing cameras, four eye-tracking cameras, a Lidar scanner, and four inertial measurement units. He mentioned that the cost of the Sony displays, which account for about 50% of the headset’s cost, could be a potential area for cost reduction in future iterations. Chita asked for clarification about the color space used, and Dan clarified that it was DCI-P3.

New Standalone Computer and Apple Comparison
Dan showcased a new standalone computer with spatial audio technology and a battery life of two to two and a half hours. There were discussions about the device’s compatibility with other devices and battery backups, as well as its capacity to work with a Mac and various prescription lenses. Dan also compared Apple’s approach to product descriptions, highlighting their tendency to over-promise on electric cars and under-deliver on movie playback, while also demonstrating new technologies, including a device that allows for iPad screen sharing and hands-free camera operation.

Apple Vision Pro Demonstration and Feedback
Dan demonstrated the functionalities of the Apple Vision Pro, explaining how users can interact with the device’s features such as moving and resizing windows, as well as using the camera, microphone, and lighting. He also showed how to customize the display settings, add and move apps, and use the digital crown and side button for different functions. Chita provided feedback and asked questions about the process, with Dan clarifying some minor bug issues. Lastly, Dan presented the new operating system’s immersive capabilities and its potential applications, and showcased different apps running on the system.

Virtual Reality Platform Demonstration and Discussion
Dan demonstrated various features of a virtual reality platform, showcasing how it can simulate different environments such as a movie theater and an aquarium. He explained how users can interact with these environments, including adjusting the view and manipulating objects, using his office as an example. Chita found the aquarium feature particularly engaging and appreciated the educational potential of the platform. Towards the end, Chita indicated that Keith Kaiser had a question, and asked him to unmute and ask it.

New App for Shared Virtual Experiences
Dan demonstrated a new app that allows for shared virtual experiences, such as watching movies or playing games together, and discussed its potential for creating virtual viewing parties or book clubs. He also showcased the immersive capabilities of a 360 camera, demonstrating how it can capture and share panoramic photos and videos. Stephen expressed interest in the app’s potential for baseball fans to view live games in immersive 360. Dan also highlighted the Voyager app’s functionality for tracking flights in real-time. Keith and Chita were both intrigued by the possibilities of these new technologies for shared experiences.


May 29
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EDT
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