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Jan 3

Declutter Your Photo Life

January 3 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST

Too many photos to know what to do with? “Declutter Your Photo Life” is here to help. With 30+ years of experience in technology and design, Adam scanned and organized his own family memories, he loved that everything was safe, searchable, and shareable. His company, Chaos to Memories, was created to help you organize your family photos, preserve your memories, and tell your story.

Declutter Your Photo Life

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Photo Organization, Technical Issues, and Classes Initiated

Chita voiced their concerns about the reliance on big tech companies for photo organization and memories, favoring Bridge for such tasks. They also confirmed the meeting’s end time as 12:40, allowing for a Q&A session, and mentioned a 40% discount code for Adam’s book. Technical issues with Zoom were also addressed. Mike Kwasiak, a UK-based theatre photographer and Board member from Naples, initiated the first meeting of 2024, emphasizing the importance of the Nmmug website and announcing upcoming classes. Eckart, the president, expressed enthusiasm for the new year and encouraged everyone to join their first class on Saturday. Adam then took over the meeting and shared their background, having worked at Adobe for 22 years.

Decuttering Photo Life With Adam

Adam discussed their book, “Decutter, Your Photo Life,” and their philosophy on photography. They explained the concept of “decuttering” as applicable to various types of photos, from digital gadgets to physical storage. Adam outlined a five-step workflow for managing photos and emphasized the importance of organizing photos for both enjoyment and searchability. They shared their personal photos and their affection for technology. Adam also highlighted the significance of sharing memories through photographs, particularly within a Facebook group related to their hometown. They discussed their company, Chaos to Memories, and its mission to help people organize their photos. Adam stressed the importance of searchability and shareability in digital content, and recommended a simple backup system. They also emphasized the importance of maintenance in the ongoing cycle of photography.

Photo Organization and Longevity Discussion

Adam discussed various methods for organizing digital photos, stressing the importance of using metadata and clear file names for easy identification. They recommended software like Adobe Lightroom Classic and Big Mean Folder Machine to sort photos automatically by date. Adam also suggested batch renaming with a simple file name scheme to simplify the process. They answered Mark’s question about scanning a picture, stating that the negative is the original capture and tends to age better than prints. Kris raised a concern about the longevity of material on thumb drives and CDs, to which Adam explained that while thumb drives can last longer, CDs made at home using organic dyes can decay over time. Adam also discussed alternatives to Lightroom for organizing photos, such as Adobe Bridge and Photo Mechanic. They stressed the importance of using software that supports metadata standards, like Lightroom Classic. Finally, Adam emphasized the importance of retaining and organizing personal photos, sharing various methods for sharing these photos.

Professional Scanning Equipment Importance

Adam stressed the importance of using professional-grade equipment for photo scanning, citing the inferior quality of mobile app and cheap options. They presented a comparison of scans made with a mobile app and a professional scanning setup, demonstrating the noticeable quality difference. Adam then discussed various scanner options, including flatbed, high-speed photo, and film scanners, and camera scanning. They advised considering the time, learning curve, and equipment needed before choosing a scanner option. Adam also provided guidance on the optimal resolution for scanning prints and slides, and discussed the lifespan of older scanners. The conversation then shifted to digital photo scanning and organization.

Metadata in Photography: Importance and Practice

Adam discussed the importance of metadata in photographs, emphasizing that it provides valuable information such as the camera model, lens used, shutter speed, and location. They highlighted that understanding this technology can be beneficial for better photo organization. Adam also explained that the metadata should be embedded in the files to ensure its permanence. Timothy raised a question about data format when exporting data from Apple Photos, to which Adam responded that the original quality can be exported without any loss, but any added metadata will not be included. Timothy confirmed that they had never manually added anything to their photos.

Film Scanning, Negative Lab Pro, Metadata, Mac OS 14, Devon Think

Adam recommended using Plus Tech models for film scanning and camera scanning for improved speed and quality. They also discussed the process of converting negatives into positives using Lightroom and a plugin called Negative Lab Pro. Additionally, Adam emphasized the importance of using metadata to organize photos and mentioned a discount on their book and courses that teach this skill. The meeting also included a Q&A session where Chris Klemmer and Edu asked questions about adding metadata to files using Mac OS and Photoshop Elements. The meeting began with Mike reminding everyone about the upcoming speaker, Jim Newman from Devon Think, and the first class of the season with Jeff Bohr discussing Mac OS 14, Sonoma.


January 3
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST
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Adam Pratt
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