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Feb 14

FotoMagico 6

February 14 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST

FotoMagico 6 allows you to combine photos, animations, videos, maps and music to create stunning slideshows that tell your story. Create, edit and share on your iPad or your Desktop. Sync your projects over iCloud Drive. Present your slide on Desktop or iPad.

“As a photographer, you want to make great pictures that tug at your audience’s emotions. FotoMagico allows you to flow those pictures freely into a slideshow and to mix them with movies to impress your audience. Sound is just a drag and drop away, too. FotoMagico gives you sophisticated shows with sound and high-end transitions in minutes. Like the Mac and iPad itself, it never stands in your way.”

Join us as CEO of Boinx International, Oliver Breidenbach, demos how to create magic with FotoMagico 6.

FotoMagico 6

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FotoMagico Presentation

Eckart Goette welcomed Oliver Breidenbach, Co-Founder of Boinx Software, and discussed an upcoming presentation about their product, PhotoMagical. A poll was conducted to gather attendees’ knowledge about the product and their photography preferences. However, Chita Hunter noted that the poll had ended prematurely, but Oliver restarted it. Mike Kwasniak made a few announcements, including a future meeting with Jason Snell and a class on Apple TV 4K with David Abramowitz. Oliver then thanked everyone for having him and shared his company’s history and achievements, such as winning Apple Design Awards.

FotoMagico App Presentation by Oliver Breidenbach

Oliver Breidenbach introduced a photo slideshow app called FotoMagico, which is primarily used by photographers for creating stunning presentations. He highlighted the app’s main features, such as its focus on real-time editing, high-quality picture presentation, and its unique approach to authoring which emphasizes on pictures rather than bullet points. Oliver also mentioned that the app deals with common problems faced by photographers when creating photo presentations, such as music rights issues. He further explained that the app includes a variety of royalty-free music with audio markers to help time slides to music. Oliver concluded by discussing the app’s pricing and a coupon code for a 20% discount on the first year of subscription.

FotoMagico Travel Slideshow Tool Introduction

Oliver Breidenbach introduced and demonstrated a new tool called FotoMagico, showing how it can be used to create travel slideshows by overlaying videos and photos onto maps, adjusting filters, and creating animations. He provided examples of how it could be used, such as showcasing a family trip or creating a pirate-themed map. Questions were raised about the tool’s capabilities, with Oliver clarifying that it can handle various file formats but currently cannot display the extended dynamic range. He also explained that PhotoMagical uses the Mac OS engine and can handle different formats, but HDR files will not be displayed as HDR. charles chesney inquired about VLC software’s ability to playback PhotoMagical files and the effects of compression on PhotoMagical outputs, with Oliver explaining that the tool’s files are not compressed and the quality depends on the source material. He also mentioned that PhotoMagical files can be exported as a video file and explained the various settings available for exporting videos.

Map Waypoints and Global Font Changes

Bela inquired about the possibility of setting waypoints on maps and creating a route, which Oliver confirmed was feasible and could be done manually or imported from GPS trackers. Bela expressed interest in stopping at these waypoints to take pictures. Oliver suggested creating multiple map segments and adding images to them. Dave Bogart raised a question about the capability of Photo Magical to apply global font changes to titles on a slide. Oliver confirmed it wasn’t possible, noting it as a feature request. The team agreed that it would be a beneficial addition to the software.

Comparing Video Editing Software: iMovie vs FotoMagico

The discussion revolved around the comparison of video editing software, namely Imovie and Photo Magico. Oliver Breidenbach, adept at Photo Magico, highlighted its advantages such as adapting to the device’s resolution, efficient photo and layer manipulation, and superior transition effects. Oliver also demonstrated some features like color correction, comic effect, and synchronizing slides with music. Chita Hunter expressed interest in these features. Oliver also shared his thoughts on using Imovie for creating animated stills and background effects for movies, and the use of another tool, Photo, which he believes is beneficial for professional photographers. The discussion was then moved on to a question from Dan Wassink, but the transcript does not provide clear information. Rob Hoff then commented on the constraints of some programs like Imovie.

Oliver’s Website Templates and Features

Rob Hoff asked about the availability of templates on Oliver Breidenbach website, to which Oliver confirmed they exist and can be downloaded with a subscription. He explained that these templates, or “snippets”, can be used to quickly set up slideshows with images from a user’s library. Oliver also mentioned that there are several snippets packs included with the subscription, such as a maps pack, a comics pack, and a titles pack. Bruce Mitchell inquired about collaboration features, to which Oliver responded that there are none built into the program, but users could divide the project into sections and compile them together. melissa green suggested a feature that would allow users to import photos and written comments from shared photo albums, which Oliver noted as a good idea for a future update.

Presentation Control and Feature Discussion

Oliver Breidenbach demonstrated how to manually control the presentation of slides, responded to charles chesney questions about Mac OS changes and their impact on product development, and explained the new features such as background removal tool. He also addressed Chita Hunter queries about file size limitations, the possibility of editing the mask in the background removal tool, and the source and method of updating files in Photomagico.

Operating System Feature and Compatibility Discussion

Oliver Breidenbach led a discussion about a new operating system feature related to image masking and animation. He demonstrated the feature, explained its capabilities, and answered questions from Dan Wassink, Jim Corbin, Bruce Mitchell, Dale Kaufman, and Kris Frank about its compatibility with iPhone, iPad, and other software like Capture One Pro. Oliver clarified that while basic features are available on iPad, the creation process is more limited due to the device’s editing capabilities. He also mentioned that their software supports unsplash and pixels, and mentioned a module that allows access to these sites and a credit slide feature that automatically credits the photographer whose picture was used.


February 14
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST
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