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Nov 22

Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST

What’s on your list of goodies to buy this Holiday Season? No idea? We give you a list of useful and fun gifts and gadgets to consider.

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MacBook Pros, OWC Thunderbolt 4 Hub, and Phone Mounting Systems

The meeting commenced with Mike introducing Chita and Eckart, the latter who clarified an upcoming event was not a Board meeting but an annual one. Mike urged everyone to visit their website for updates and announced a guest for the next meeting. Chita then took over, discussing his experience with the new MacBook Pros and his decision to purchase an OWC Thunderbolt 4 hub for connecting multiple external drives. He also introduced a wireless charging station for his Apple devices and a two-part mounting system for phones that could accommodate various brands. Chita highlighted the importance of this system for safer driving and shared her personal experience with other mounting systems. She also mentioned a unique mounting system for vehicles, praising its durability and versatility.

Mike’s Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones Review

Mike discussed his recent purchase of the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones. He highlighted the strong, durable case that allows the headphones to easily fit into a suitcase, the noise-canceling capabilities, and the ability to switch off noise cancellation when needed. He also mentioned the included cable for traditional audio use. Mike also shared his past experience with other Bose products, including a pair of noise-canceling headphones he used for his iPhone.

Graphics Tablets and Editing Software

Mike discussed the importance and benefits of using graphics tablets for digital editing, sharing his personal experience and demonstrating how it has improved his work efficiency and precision. He also mentioned a special discount offer on Affinity Photo, a high-end editing software that he recommends. However, there were technical difficulties with sharing his screen using Ecamm, leading to a temporary interruption in the meeting.

Technology Products: Spark and AirFly

David introduced two technology products. The first was a guitar amplifier called Spark, which is small, portable, and pairs with a mobile app. The app allows users to learn songs, pick up different patches from various artists, and play along with a backing band. David mentioned that his daughter was very pleased with this product. The second product was the AirFly, a device that allows users to connect their wireless headphones to an airplane’s entertainment system or a car’s audio jack. The AirFly comes in various models, some of which can even pair with two sets of headphones for a shared viewing experience.

SLNT Sling Bag for Device Protection

David introduced a sling bag from the company SLNT which is designed to protect devices from potential hackers in large crowds or conferences. The bag features a Faraday cage pocket that blocks any reading signal from reaching your phone. David also mentioned that the company offers smaller wallet-sized products for privacy protection. He highlighted that the bag retails for about $1.40 and occasionally goes on sale.

Affordable Apple TV Accessories Recommended

davidmcguire shared his recommendations for affordable and practical Apple TV accessories. He praised the Total Mount, which can both clean up the appearance of the TV and hide the Apple TV behind the TV set. He also suggested the use of the remote cover, which not only provides a better grip but also allows users to attach an Air Tag for easier tracking. He expected these items to go on sale on Amazon in the coming days.

Apple Gift Card Versatility and Savings Tips

davidmcguire discussed the versatility and convenience of Apple gift cards, suggesting they make ideal gifts for anyone who uses Apple products. He explained that the cards can be used in various ways, such as buying something in an Apple store, on the Apple online store, or towards subscriptions like Apple TV, iCloud, or Apple Music. David also warned against redeeming the card on a device as it cannot be used in the store afterwards. He suggested that Apple gift cards can be found on the Apple website and can be purchased at a discount during seasonal sales. Finally, he recommended buying Apple gift cards through grocery stores with loyalty programs to save money.

Product Presentation and Feedback Meeting

davidmcguire presented and responded to questions about various products. Mary asked about hiding wires with the Total Mount for the Apple TV, to which David responded affirmatively. Chita and others shared their positive experiences with the Total Mount. Joan informed the group about a discounted price for the OW Hub. Gill asked if the Spark Go guitar device was compatible with Android phones, to which David confirmed it was. Ann inquired about the compatibility of the charging station with the new standby mode, but a definitive answer was not provided. Robert shared his positive experience with the Back Tab template. Rick praised the Pro Clip mount for its sturdiness and perfect fit.

Cybersecurity and Faraday Bags in Crowded Areas

Billy and David discussed the potential need for Faraday bags in protecting against information theft in crowded areas. David, a cybersecurity professional, suggested carrying such bags, especially when in areas with high foot traffic. They also addressed the safety of using Apple Pay and credit cards in grocery stores and other similar venues. David explained the potential risks of having credit cards in a wallet while in crowded areas, and the importance of using Faraday bags for protection. They also touched on the vulnerability of key fobs to attack. The discussion concluded with a reminder about next week’s meeting on the current state of AI.


November 22, 2023
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EST
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