NMUG Photography Showcase Pt. 1

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Oct 18

NMUG Photography Showcase Pt. 1

October 18, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:45 pm EDT

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NMUG Photography Showcase features member professional and expert photographers. Our select photographers and experts will be showcasing their work, while taking time to explain their thoughts, techniques and applications for the why or how of their creations. Join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals.

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Chita introduced Robert Kenedi, a retiree and award-winning photographer, for the first NMUG photography showcase.

Robert’s Passion for Photography

Robert shared his passion for photography, detailing his engagement with it throughout his life. He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions, including those organized by the Fcc and his club in Naples. Robert highlighted his achievements, such as winning ‘best in show’ in 2007 and receiving first place and honorable mentions in competitions. He expressed his admiration for Ansel Adams and his contemporaries and how their influence has shaped his photography. Robert emphasized the importance of nature and water in his works and led the viewer’s eyes to certain aspects of the scene. He also explained his photography process, from selecting the scene to processing, and highlighted the importance of memory in his photography.

Photography Techniques and Experiences in Miami

Robert shared his experiences and techniques for photography during the White Mountains workshop in Miami Lyca store. He emphasized the importance of professional help in selecting the perfect scene for photography and recounted his challenge in capturing the energy of a nugget and a waterfall in his photographs. He also mentioned that his photograph was selected for the nationwide exhibit, Camera, U.S.A., in Naples. Robert detailed his techniques for using a Mac to take and process pictures, including the use of the TPE application for determining celestial events. He also expressed his interest in capturing live, dynamic scenes and his use of post-processing techniques to enhance his images. He ended by highlighting the photogenic qualities of Naples and Little Havana.

Robert’s Travel and Photography Experiences

Robert shared his experiences from various trips and events, including a cigar rolling demonstration, a pedestrian walk in Miami, and a full moon viewing in New York. He also discussed his photography experiences, particularly a trip to Yosemite National Park where he and others had to climb to capture a waterfall picture and wait for the perfect timing to capture rainbow photos. Robert also recommended Michael Frye’s blog and expressed his admiration for his knowledge. He ended by sharing a personal anecdote about capturing a rainbow from his backyard.

Beyond Brightness: Prioritizing Other Photography Aspects

Robert discussed the importance of prioritizing aspects of photography beyond just achieving the right brightness, particularly in relation to exposure. He emphasized that elements such as sharpness, motion effects, and noise also play a significant role in the overall quality of an image. Robert shared his experience of capturing a bird in motion at the zoo and another at the Pacific coast, highlighting how different exposures can create vastly different moods in photographs. He also mentioned a visit to a cage to photograph for a calendar, noting how circumstances prevent them from replicating such experiences.

Robert’s Photography Techniques and Exposure Tips

Robert discussed his photography techniques, highlighting the importance of not overexposing a picture, as this can lead to the loss of detail. He shared his experience of taking a photo at the Dexter field, where he managed to capture a good exposure despite challenging light conditions. Robert also mentioned his experience at Smith Rocks in Oregon, where he adjusted his camera’s settings to get a better shot. He concluded by emphasizing the need for careful exposure when photographing in low light conditions, such as at night, particularly in areas that are brightly lit.

Exploring Long Exposure With Histograms and Noise Reduction Techniques

Robert emphasized the use of histograms in photography, particularly in determining the maximum exposure time without overexposure. He shared his experience using long exposure pictures in Yosemite, Merced River, and Florida’s swamp buggy rage, showing how the technique can create motion impressions without requiring high speeds. Robert also discussed the importance of eliminating noise in photographs, advising to use software for noise reduction before sharpening or using the clarity slider. He concluded by mentioning his successful recovery of a lot of noise in his images.

Photography Techniques and Vision: Robert’s Insights

Robert discussed his photography techniques, emphasizing the importance of capturing the viewer’s attention and creating a visual statement about the subject. He also mentioned cropping images to enhance their impact, and shared his experience of adjusting images to make them more effective. Despite a failure in one image where he couldn’t create the desired optical illusion, Robert remained optimistic and expressed his enthusiasm for sharing more images. He highlighted the importance of capturing the right angle and dynamic elements in his photography.

Photography Passion and Contrast Discussion

Robert shared his passion for black and white photography, highlighting how it allows for enhanced contrast and how it was refined with help from Chita. He discussed how the surrounding environment should be considered when presenting images. Chita then shared a video of Robert’s color images, reinforcing the impact of the contrast in her photography. The discussion concluded with an open Q&A session.

Image Capture and Management Discussion

Alan asked Robert and James about the percentage of images they take that they actually use. Robert revealed that with digital photography, he takes many more images but only keeps a small percentage, perhaps as low as 1%, that reflect his intended image. James queried about the use of ISO in digital photography, to which Robert explained that ISO, or sensitivity, gives him flexibility in setting other parameters like aperture and speed, but also mentioned that digital photography software can eliminate noise. Alan then asked Robert about his process in deciding which of many images to keep. Robert responded that it depends on the day and the name, but he doesn’t let perfection get in the way if the image is good enough. Lastly, Timothy asked for advice on how to manage and archive a large collection of images, to which Robert humorously responded that he was the wrong person to ask.


October 18, 2023
11:30 am - 12:45 pm EDT
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