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2017 iMacs


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  • Jeff Bohr

      In my experience, I have replaced about a dozen 2017 iMacs in the past two years. I think there was a bad chip because they are all slowing down incredibly fast. I have totally erased and reinstalled everything and this does not help so I think there was a bad batch of computers released in 2017.

      • Thanks, Jeff.

        I’ll add my wife’s to that list – although hers might be a 2018(?). It’s “slow as molasses”, and I keep hoping that OS updates might help. None have yet, now at mac OS 13.6…

        Thanks again. Best, Bob.

        • My 2017 MacBook Pro 16GB RAM bought in Spring 2018 had so many problems that were Apple’s fault. The butterfly keyboard is a sick joke and was replaced. Then they replaced the motherboard, the Touch Bar had to be replaced, as well as the battery! After that, it just kept running slower and slower and being very unreliable. It certainly was not worth the $3+K that was paid for it! Doing a SpotLight search was/is painfully slooooooow.

          I tried to get Apple to apply the “Lemon Rule” to it but Apple refused! They no longer offer that. The Lemon Rule was if your Apple had three major Apple fault repairs, you could ask for the unit to be replaced with a new one. I guess they stopped doing that once Jobs died. I know they used to it when I worked at an Apple Store.

          So, I finally broke down and bought the new Mac Mini M2 Pro to use instead and now the laptop is just for music playing and email backup, as well as a means to search for older files.


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