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  • Robert Mitton

      Hello, I have been obtaining cool software apps from the BundleHunt people for probably at least a decade now. Their discounts are pretty amazing and I find this to be a good means to try out new software without having to pay the full price. These apps are usually very up-to-date, and able to run on Apple’s newest OSs.

      The best deal maybe for this BundleHunt is the Blocs V5 website building software for only $21.99 instead of the regular price of $99.99! Using Blocs you can create stunning, responsive websites without writing any code! https://blocsapp.com/mac/

      Below is a link to this BundleHunt and it includes a referral code that if used gives me a kickback that I will use to purchase software. I would appreciate it if you do use this link as I am just surviving on Social Security and Medicaid these days.




      • I, too have been using Bundlehunt for decades….and found some very creative programs that apply in graphics, music, and streamlining the Mac.

        • Thank you! I had never heard of Bundlehunt; it does have some very interesting-looking software, although I am hesitant about Blocs V5, wondering how difficult it is to use. I’ll get back to it later this weekend and will use your link.

            • Yeah, I do not do coding since I am very dyslexic and need to do things visually. For the last 15 years I have been using the wonderful Freeway Pro website building app as it was the perfect GUI site builder.

              However, the programmer declined to rewrite the program as is and for the last five years or more they have been trying to write a new GUI site builder in the Swift programming code, but it has yet to be released.

              Blocs, to me, looks pretty weird and I am going to try to master it since it is a visual program. There are a lot of instructional videos on this program both on the Blocs website and on YouTube. Good luck should you decide to try/buy it. For $22 it might be worth trying.

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