Disconnecting Zoom from Microsoft Teams Classic?

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Disconnecting Zoom from Microsoft Teams Classic?

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  • Scott Keesling

      Yesterday, when clicking on a link to join a Zoom meeting, “Microsoft Teams Classic” opened up instead of Zoom and I was obliged to attend the meeting that way. I’m not familiar with MS Teams, so was frustrated with trying to familiarize myself with it while trying to pay attention to the meeting. I didn’t purposely set things up this way, so I suspect that I inadvertently clicked on a Microsoft suggestion at some point that made it happen. Spent 30 mins onlline to figure out how to undo it, but can’t find anything helpful. Does anyone know how to undo so I can go back to Zoom? Pls and thanks!

      P.S. Frankly, I don’t even recall downloading MS Teams, but maybe it came with my MS Office 365 package? Does anyone have a preference for it over Zoom? For all I know, MS Teams might be better, but I just don’t like being forced into using it.

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      • zoom is better and more commonly used outside of business workgroups.

        Perhaps Microsoft set streaming to their app rather than the zoom app. Google how to remove teams and change settings back to zoom.

        Do you have a strong reason to use Microsoft 365? I live in a MS free zone and greatly prefer the Apple productivity apps for their simplicity and ease of use.

          • Thanks. As I wrote, I spent some time online to figure out how to remove it, but without success. Also played around in the app settings, but didn’t see anything obvious. As for why Microsoft 365, it’s simply because I’ve invested decades of time in using it and just don’t feel like learning another system, even if it’s Apple’s. Started off with WordPerfect back in the ’80s, then to Word, where I’ve been ever since. Word seems to work fine, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it? 🙂

          • This reminds me of back before I bought my first computer. I spent about two years trying to determine whether to go Mac or M$ and what software to buy. And this is when my hatred toward M$ started. WordPerfect was the best app out there and then M$ had to fuck them over by naming their product as “Word” which really caused a lot of confusion to the newbies trying to figure out things.

            This is no different than when M$ decided to use the word “Windows” for their OS. Directly stolen from Apple! Don’t believe me, listen to Steve Jobs introduce the first Mac back in 1984. Go to 5:50 in this video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tQ5XwvjPmA and you will hear Jobs say “windows”. It may also be in this video, but there is a recording where he is showing how the first Mac works, and he says when you click on an icon, it will open a window. So the thieves stole that term.

            In my opinion, M$ has never innovated anything, all they ever did was steal and Gates is the worst thief this planet has ever seen!


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