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  • Victoria Herring

      We [a group I’m a member of] used to have a domain name – but let it lapse [it was at GoDaddy] – we want to re-register it so it is ours = we do NOT have a website and might never make one = or we could, I don’t know — where’s the easiest/best/cheapest domain name place to grab it [assuming it isn’t taken, which I’m fairly certain of]

      • Hi Victoria, FWIW everyone I know uses GoDaddy, even over here in the UK.


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        • victoriaherringicloud-com
        • Squarespace is good for domains. Google recently got out of the DNS hosting business and transferred all their accounts to Squarespace. That says something I think. 😊

          • Another organization I belong to uses NameCheap and as Treasurer, I know it is very reasonable.

            • I switched all my domain names to Squarespace; it used to be with GoDaddy. They made it easy to do. Also, Squarespace does all my websites; they make it so easy, and it is powerful enough for all the websites I work on. Another site for domain names would be; I have not used them but heard a lot of good comments about them.

              • I have used for years, they only do domains and email, not any web hosting. They have excellent customer support, and I’ve never had a problem and their prices are very fair and reasonable.

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                • danwassink

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