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  • Peter Emery

      I have a Setapp subscription, one of the app I use for file sharing is called Dropshare. Setapp users automatically get access to a Dropshare Pro account and files are saved to their proprietary Dropshare Cloud service. I was notified via email today that as of Jan 1st, 2024, the Dropshare Cloud service will cease. I have deleted the default connection to Dropshare Cloud and set up a new connection, this time to Microsoft One Drive as I have 230GB of storage available there.

      Once upon a time I used a Nokia Lumia 1020 as my cellphone, at the time I had 15GB for general storage and a further 15GB for my camera roll. A few years on, Microsoft reduced the available storage to 5GB but users with a camera roll were permitted to apply to retain their existing storage, which I proceeded to do.

      Then I found an offer from my mobile/internet service provider for an additional 200GB of free storage, which I accepted, knowing full well that the extra 200Gb could be discontinued at any future time. thus far, it still exists. The iOS version of the Dropshare app is of limited use to me, so I deleted it. Now any files I save to Dropshare appear in a OneDrive folder entitled “Dropshare.” This as a suitable compromise for me.

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