Free Saturday sessions invites?

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Free Saturday sessions invites?

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  • Hank Humphrey

      I have several friends who are interested in our upcoming Free sessions on MacOS and iOS in June–how can I send them an invite so it will be easy for them to attend?

      • I publish a private newsletter to over 300 people who I would like to offer the upcoming free Mac class. Can NMUG post an ad or teaser invite for those of us who want to invite others.


      • Jim

          Apparently, those classes are “free” for $30. That is, they are free to NMUG members. That’s what I told another computer group I participate in, although not quite so bluntly.

          Unless there is a problem with greater numbers of people on a Zoom meeting, it seems to me that NMUG would attract more people to join if those classes were truly free. Then people would see just how good and valuable a membership in NMUG could be.

          • No pleasing all of the people all of the time it seems. We have made it clear a hundred times, at our weekly meetings, on our message board, in our weekly emails to our valued members, that the beginners classes (remember, our usual classes Jan through March cost $25 each) would be free to members only. We actually did this because we hoped it might attract a few new members to join. If your ‘several friends’ or ‘over 300 people’ would like to try NMUG out they are welcome to come along as guests to any one of our regular Wednesday meetings (which I personally promote at every meeting and Dan promotes on every mail shot) when they would be very welcome. If they like what they see, they can sign up, become a member, and take advantage of our free beginners classes.


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            • Now it’s clearer, thanks. I will certainly invite them to taste our Wednesday meetings.


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