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  • Scott Silver

      Summit Broadband just moved the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) from a closet on the floor above my condo into our unit. I was told that it would help prevent future failures of this device (as just happened) and would increase my internet download and upload speeds. I was also told that my router was “bad” and should be replaced because the download speed was too slow. This was just tested on my Mac and not my iDevices.

      So I replaced my Google WiFi router with an eero 6+ router, designed to provide up to a gigabyte of download speed. When I do an Ookla internet speed test ( on my iPhone, the download speed is 218 Mbps. But if I use the eero app to do a speed test, I get this result: 984Mbps.

      When I do an Ookla internet speed test on my Mac, I got these results yesterday & today: 185 & 285Mbps.

      What internet download speeds should I expect with a new, good quality router on my Mac & iPhone?

      Why is there syuch a difference between the download speeds using the ookla website vs the eero app?

      And should there be a significant difference in download speeds for an iDevice vs a Mac computer?

      Thank you!

      Scott Silver

      • 1. ookla speedtest is the standard to use but put the app on your mac and phone since it gives better results.

        2. a wifi connection will drop your speed significantly with distance. Test without any other internet activity and consider the band you are using (2.4..5.0..other). a direct wire connection will show actual speed coming in.

        3. If close to your router you should get the speed you are paying for.

        • The speed reported by Eero is from your router to the outside world. The Ookla speed included latency from the router to your device. They will always be different

          Details are here:

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