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Issue with Mac Mail

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  • Michel Dozois

      Hy folks

      Mail will not connect with my service provider. The provider’s website, through Safari, gives me access to my mail account so I have not lost the ability to send or receive mail just the Mail app does not want to connect.

      The Mail app still connects with my gMail and iCloud accounts and I can read and send emails through those but these are not my service provider which is

      Any suggestions?

      michel d

      • check settings in your providers website for your account. you need to choose imap and the correct servers in and out.

        check the settings in apple mail match up. you did not mention the provider but almost anything works in mail. If this is a new problem think about what has changed in mail and the provider.

        also just google apple mail setup for “provider x”

        • You might have a problem that gets fixed with an “app specific password.” Check out this link:

            • Thanks Christian… but that option is not available to me at the moment. ROGERS wants me to try again later!!!

              But this seems like the most promising alley according to the small blurb in that section.

              michel d

            • If you have another device that is getting mail from the Rogers account, try looking up the password (via Keychain Access on the Mac, or Settings/Passwords on the iPhone). If the password you see is something unfamiliar, and 16 characters long, it may be the password you need– that is, an app-specific password. An app-specific password is exactly what it sounds like: a password just for a particular app. Your real Rogers password is still what you know it is (proven by you logging into the Rogers site).

              If you do have some other device that gets Rogers mail, and it turns out you still need an app-specific password, try generating the password from the device that is already working.

              • Setup info for


                Google finds lots of articles detailing problems. Rogers is rated 1 star and tied to Yahoo trolling for data to sell. Sounds like a good service not to use.

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