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  • John Patrick

      Hello folks. I’ve mild high frequency hearing loss in one ear and moderate in the other. I’ve never used hearing aids, but am considering trying the Jabra Enhance 300s. Has anyone had experience with them that you’d care to comment on? Apparently their iPhone app is use to fine tune customization.

      • Are you getting the Jabra hearing aids from Costco? My Costco Audiologist says that the Jabra hearing aids are made by reSound, a Danish company that has been making hearing aids for years

        I am about to do get mine need replacemed with the Jabra models. (I seem to have to replace them every 4-5 years Fortunately I have government and private insurance that covers most of the cost

        Jabra has been in the audio business forat least a couple of decades Their wearable microphones were well rated, last time I looked

        They certainly do use the iPhone to tweak the settings. They seem to be a good combination.

        • Thanks for the comments!

          I have Costco ReSound Prezas, which are MFi hearing aids from the same manufacturer, for 3 years now.

          What I have learned is that NO app is even needed because of the audio adjustment capabilities which Apple has incorporated into iOS.

          Most “audiologists” seem to be unaware of this.

          Thanks again, and good luck!

          Best, Bob.

          • Good point, Bob.

            I’m not sure that the control panel app built into iOS will let you change your hearing aid settings from “all around” to “restaurant”, for example. Plus, if you have a TV streamer from the HA company, I think you need the app from the HA company to switch to that sound source.

            I also meant to point out to John that the HA supplier usually offers a 6 month trial period, with a full refund if the HAs don’t work for you. Something to check out if you’re uncertain.

            • Thanks, everyone, for the comments. The trial period for the Jabra Enhance is 100 days.

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