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Maps Thread 2

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  • Lynda Farabee

      Sorry Mike for messing up your thread. I tried to respond to my own post that the hack Chita suggested didn’t work. I could find no way to do it. I didn’t want to start a new discussion but this apparently is my only way to respond. Please advise what I should have done?

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      • Hi Lynda – I just took a Quick Look at the Maps thread and under each post I see a ‘reply’ option in the bottom right corner. It appears to be greyed out, which is a bit confusing, but does work. Please don’t worry about ‘messing up a thread’ – the most important thing is that things get seen and answered 😀


        • When it is greyed out, it is indicating it has been ‘saved’. Once it is saved, you will need to make an edit to post it. Any edit will work, even adding a space will work. Once you edit the post, the button will turn blue again. 😊

          • I clicked on reply and made “marks” so if anyone sees it, they would know I had replied. BUT will anyone see the original comment, edited?

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