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Past Classes availability?

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  • Betsy Cramer

      I enrolled in all the classes last spring but did not see them all. I notice that the past meetings are listed but the classes are not, I suppose because they are available only to those who paid. (I do not expect/intend to enroll in all this year.) I think I may have the links available in my past mail but maybe there would be a way of accessing them through the website? Or is that too much trouble….

      • Hi Betsy, I was having that conversation just a few days ago with Chita :). I believe it is Dan’s intention that they will be available on the website at some point (linked to individual sign-ins so not available to everyone). Not sure when but hopefully Dan will see this and add information. In the meantime, members can reach out to Eckart if they lose precious links.


        • I keep a record of the links to past classes together with copies of class notes. If someone who had registered for a past class needs the link, send a request to


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