QUESTION Using Notes app as a project manager

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QUESTION Using Notes app as a project manager

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  • Rue Hass

      I don’t need a complicated setup. I do need something that will help me track classes, topics, dates, due dates, reminders, and some content, all in one place, easily accessible and visible. I use Scrivener to plan and teach the webinars. Most project managers I have tried are more complex than I need. I appreciated the recent class on Notes, and it gave me the idea that I might develop my own project manager with Notes. Suggestions?

      • I have actually used the Calendar app to track certain events, deadlines, etc. You can attach PDF files in your calendar event, websites with hot links and in the notes field add your own content.

          • Thanks! I hadn’t thought of seeing what else the Calendar app can do.

          • A very basic task manager is Firetask — I’ve used it for years and is very affordable at the moment, as BundleHunt have it on sale for $3.50 . I got my licence thru BundleHunt. There is 15-day free trial ( I only use it on the Mac as that is where I work…

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