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  • Charles Chesney

      To all,
      I am considering switching my current internet service provider (ISP). What rock solid performers (i.e., best-in-class) for routers and modems can NMUGers recommend for DSL or fiber connections? Evidence-based suggestions for an urban (not rural) setup are most welcome. Ready to fly a coop. Thanks.

      • 1. for your isp choice google reviews. my experience with big utilities like centurylink has been less than stellar.

        2. Netgear routers get stellar reviews but always failed to work for me. TP-Link and Linksys devices have been simple to set up and worked well for me.

        3. never use your isp email service. It is always 3rd rate and lost if you drop them.

        • What I have been doing for well over a decade now is NOT to buy the modem/routers for your internet service. Why?

          I have learned from experience that when you use your own equipment and there is an internet failure and you call for support, the first thing the ISP will do is blame your equipment for the failure! I have had this happen a couple of times in the past. So once I got the ISP’s modem/router and was still having the same internet problems, I was able to prove it was not my equipment.

          Therefore, I use the ISP’s equipment and each and every year I have that ISP replace the modem and router with a new one. Renting is a bummer, but it keeps in check some of the internet problems one might have. Plus if you switch service from DSL to cable to fiber, you would have to buy new gear each time. Last week I returned the modem and router to Spectrum for new ones.

          Granted, after studying for two years what computer to buy and the software, I learned four things. 1) never use anything M$ 2) never use the ISP’s email as yours 3) never use AOL 4) never use the ISP’s installation disc for setting up your computer to the ISP.


            • words of wisdom! I agree with all 4 points and regret not renting modems in the past. Modems you buy from an ISP are recycled junk but any problems after a year are yours.

              now I have 1GB service from a small community-focused electric utility coop in rural Colorado that uses top line equipment and completely outclasses the service available in large metro areas.

                • Hhhmmmm, sounds like John that you are “neighbors” with Jeff Gamet! Yeah, the community internet system in Longmont is one of the nation’s best! I was hoping more communities in Colorado would be doing this by now.

                  There had been rumors of a free WiFi system being installed in Denver, but I guess it never happened. The first community internet system to make a name for itself nationally is Chattytown, TN. I have lived within an hour’s drive from both of those systems, but never been able to use them. John, since you are in Colorado, I’m surprised that you are not or were a member of the CoMUG, which was held at NCAR in Boulder.

                  Noteworthy note: Deep underground beneath NCAR is one of the world’s first six internet hubs! It is really cool! And when we had our meetings there, the internet access was BLAZING. I started going to the meetings in March 1999 and I sure do miss them!

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