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Safari location using Sonoma

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  • John Levy

      How does one create the preference to get Safari to open on my current desktop rather than one of its own in Sonoma?

    • Unknown Member

      Hi John,

      Here is the AI answer:



      To set Safari to open on your current desktop in macOS Sonoma, follow these steps:

      1. Firstly, open Safari and move it to the desktop where you want it to appear.
      2. Right-click on the Safari icon in your Dock.
      3. Hover over ‘Options’ in the menu that appears.
      4. Click on ‘Assign to’ and select ‘This Desktop.’

      Now Safari should open on the specific desktop you’ve assigned it to instead of creating a new desktop or space. Remember, this setting will apply to the desktop you are currently using when you make the change.

      If you think this tip might be helpful for others or you want to discuss it further, feel free to share your question or experience on the NMUG Message Board:

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