SIRI is frustrating me

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SIRI is frustrating me

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  • Michael Rath

      When I ask a question of SIRI I get a quick response but SIRI is to quick to erase its answers. Is there some way to have SIRI leave the answer’s up until I have a chance to review and check each response? e.g., I ask for a list of tire dealers in a town (I’m an RVer) and it gives me a list of several – 4-6 of them – and I check one out and want to check the next but SIRI has deleted the list. Then I have to ask again! Is there a way to keep the list up until I don’t need it anymore.?

      • I’d like some guidance on that situation also

        • Does anyone have an answer to this question?

            • What is the question? SIRI frustrates most of us 🙄.


                • Mike the question referred to Siri deleting its answers before one had time to digest the info. Especially if there were several parts to the answer.

                  • Did you not read the first post I put up? Your answer is there.

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