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  • Donna Morse

      I have sent a message through the website contact form twice, once a week or so ago and once this morning. Once submitted it said that an email confirmation was sent to my email both times but no emails have shown up and I also have not heard back on my request. Is there an issue with the contact form? Thank you

      • Hi Donna, I certainly haven’t seen anything from you, which is disturbing. Could I trouble you to send over your request direct to my email address – I will make sure that Dan knows that you have tried posting too.

        Many thanks


        • I’ll do that now. Thanks


          • The form had a minor issue, although it still should have worked. I went and made a change and tested it and I can confirm it is working now. 😊

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            • donnajmorse1gmail-com

          • Unknown Member

            Donna, it does not appear that you have gotten your message through.

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