Website keeps telling me password is incorrect

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Website keeps telling me password is incorrect

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  • Vickie Kelber

      This is the second time this has happened…when I tried to go to the website to post a question, I was told my password was incorrect. I clicked the “forgot password” and was able to put in a new one and access the site. What is going on?????

      • Hi Vickie, was the password that failed created by clicking on ‘forgot password’ on the new site?


        • No, it was the one in my keychain…I double checked it and it was correct. So I clicked on “forgot password” and created a new one (which was actually the one I already was using). Also, how can I be notified when someone replies to one of my questions. I had checked notify me of new replies, but never got a notification of any of the replies on this or genius board. Thanks. In “notifications” I have enabled email for all notifications, but have not received any…..

          • I may be wrong but it sounds like you were using an old password, perhaps from our account? That would certainly explain why you couldn’t get on to the site – anyway, looks like you’re sorted now. Your other issue is more troubling, and not one I can help with as I only have moderator privileges on the new site, so can’t check your details. I will forward your first post to Dan, and hopefully he can help.


              • Thanks for forwarding my other inquiry. I was not using an old password. As I mentioned, this is the second time this has happened with this new site. The first time I was able to log in fine a few times and then all of a sudden it said my password didn’t work. So I reset it. And now it happened again. The old password from account is NOT in my keychain. The only one for NMUG is for this site.

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