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Website vs groups io usage

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  • Richard

      Has post activity dried up since the switch to the website from I notice fewer postings in total, certain people absent and less worth a reply.

      • Richard, Rooty, John Smith, or whatever you prefer to call yourself these days, I post, you post, others post. That does not equate to ‘dried up’ nor ‘less worth a reply.’

        The objective of this message board is to be helpful…

        • I think the time of year has much to do with this – and fwiw, I prefer it if we all adopt an ‘all questions are valid’ stance, as many of us are not as experienced as you. As Chita has pointed out, we’re aiming to try and help each other here.

          Following up on Chita’s other remark, could we all stick to using our NMUG registered names please, as a measure of respect to other members. Thanks.

          • I’ve noticed the same thing.

            • This reply was modified 2 months ago by  Dave Bogart.
            • I think it is probably the timing with the holidays, etc, for the lack of activity. Also, I am no longer getting alerts of the daily emails for probably the last week. There might be others in the same boat. Also, the slowness of the Website could be a deterrent for certain NMUG members.

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