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WildApricot alternatives?

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  • Victoria Herring

      A group of which I am a member [40 people or so] uses WildApricot as its communications point = it maintains our directory, sends and receives event reminders and such, receives payments for dues etc. But it’s a bit clunky and price goes up at the end of the year so I said I’d look into other apps/websites which will provide these [and other] features without a lot of drama.

      Any suggestions? We don’t use it for emails etc == it’s mainly a place we maintain a calendar of events and send out notices and reminders and bill people and receive payments. Something simple and useful and similar would be great. Not every office who might use it is technologically adept so need to find something most people can use without a lot of hassle.


      • I would suggest you look at Club Express, a web based membership management

        system. https://www.clubexpress.com

        An association I was involved with uses it. The fee structure is based on the number of members. It does have many more features than what you may be interested in but you can pay à la cart also.

        Ann MacKay

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