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Don’t use a smartwatch or smart ring for blood glucose monitoring just yet

As more wearables promise noninvasive ways of measuring your blood glucose levels, the Food and Drug Administration has gone on ...
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Apple Search Ads expands to Brazil and eight more countries

Apple Search Ads is launching soon in more countries, expanding into the Latin America region. Ads will soon start appearing ...
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Best Apple Vision Pro apps

What does Apple Vision Pro actually do? Thanks to these visionOS app developers, the answer is a lot. Even before ...
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Free YouTube Downloader for Mac in 2024 (Apps & Online)

Macworld When you want to watch videos offline when the Internet connection is not so stable, this is the time ...
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How to recover deleted files from emptied trash on a Mac

Macworld Files deleted on a Mac will be moved to the Trash bin and stay for 30 days before being ...
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AI threats: US Justice Department appoints AI officer; call for action on deepfakes

There’s growing recognition of the AI threats we may face as companies push further and faster with artificial intelligence tech. ...
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